Being injured at work may lead to workers’ comp in North Carolina

Facing serious injuries due to an incident that happened at work is a situation that most North Carolina workers want to avoid. Unfortunately, accidents can happen unexpectedly, and employees could be left needing medical attention. In many cases, individuals who have been injured at work may qualify for workers’ compensation that could provide financial help for the negatively affected parties.

It was recently reported that a workplace accident took place in a nearby state. Reports indicated that there was an explosion at an aluminum plant that resulted in multiple workers suffering injuries. Details on what may have caused the explosion were not disclosed in the report, but it was stated that the blast blew a hole in the roof of the plant building, and the explosion was felt up to a mile away.

One of the workers was apparently severely injured and had to be transported from the scene by emergency helicopter. Two other workers were also taken from the scene to the hospital, and another two individuals were treated at the site. Specific details on any of the injuries suffered were not available in the report.

Because this accident resulted in individuals being injured at work, there may be cause for workers’ compensation. North Carolina residents who have similarly been injured on the job may also wish to find out more about such benefits. They may wish to file a claim with their employers, and consulting with an experienced attorney may also be an option to consider if individuals are interested in learning more about their potential to qualify for workers’ comp.

Source:, “5 workers injured in plant explosion, company says“, June 29, 2016

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