North Carolina car wash employee suffers work-related injury

Many individuals may have heard of workers’ compensation, but they may not fully understand what it means. If an individual suffers a work-related injury, benefits could be awarded in order to provide financial compensation for lost wages and medical expenses should the qualifications be met. If a worker finds him or herself in a situation where a workplace injury has occurred, he or she may wish to find out more about workers’ compensation.

One worker in North Carolina may be taking such a step after a recent incident. Reports stated that the individual works at a car wash, and the accelerator became stuck on one of the vehicles as it was leaving the car wash. The worker attempted to drive the vehicle around the building in hopes of avoiding other vehicles and going out onto the roadway.

Unfortunately, the worker’s attempts were unsuccessful, and the vehicle struck a wall and a parked car. The incident resulted in the worker suffering injuries to the face. The severity of those injuries was not described in the report. It was also not mentioned whether any other individuals may have been injured in the incident.

If this work-related injury proves serious, the worker may have to contend with various complications. Recovering from the injuries and handling medical expenses may be stressful and financially straining. Because this injury occurred while the individual was on the job, information on North Carolina workers’ compensation benefits may be valuable. Additionally, consulting with an experienced attorney may also worth considering.

Source:, “Worker hurt after car goes out of control at Raleigh car wash”, July 10, 2016

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