North Carolina man seriously injured on the job

When a serious workplace accident takes place, details pertaining to the incident may not be immediately available. However, investigations are often opened in order to determine exact causes of serious incidents, and companies could face fines and other penalties if safety violations are discovered. Nonetheless, if a worker is seriously injured on the job, that individual may hope that workers’ compensation can help with resulting financial issues.

One individual in North Carolina may be holding such hope after recently being injured at work. It was unclear what exactly took place during the accident, but it was reported that the individual was working on a piece of equipment when he was injured. Other workers called emergency services and performed CPR in hopes of keeping the man alive. Emergency workers also performed CPR and were able to resuscitate the worker.

He was transported from the scene with injuries that were considered life threatening. Though reports stated that he is apparently doing well, specific details on his injuries and current condition were not given in the report. A representative for the company stated that they were “cooperating fully” during an investigation into the incident in order to find out what happened.

Because this North Carolina man was seriously injured on the job, he will likely face a considerable amount of medical bills as well as possible lost wages due to being away from work. As a result, he could face financial struggles in the aftermath of the incident. However, workers’ compensation benefits are typically provided in order to assist with such struggles, and the man may wish to gain more information on qualifying for the benefits.

Source:, “Man injured in industrial accident at Freightliner doing well“, Shavonne Walker, July 14, 2016

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