Fatal workplace injuries may impact North Carolina families

Families who lose loved ones in accidents can face a multitude of financial troubles in the aftermath of such incidents. Workplace accidents are, unfortunately, a common occurrence, and the workplace injuries suffered could potentially prove fatal. As a result, a family could be left without a much needed income, and they may wish to find out whether they could qualify for workers’ compensation.

North Carolina residents may be interested in such an accident that claimed the life of a worker in another state. Reports indicated that the man worked for the state’s Department of Transportation and was operating a riding mower when the accident occurred. While on the mower, the man was wearing a seat belt but the protective roll bar was put down. As a result, the man became trapped under the mower when it overturned.

The man suffered fatal injuries as a result of this on-the-job accident. The incident was still under investigation at the time of the report, and it was not clear whether there were any trees or other potential obstructions that may have led to the roll bar on the mower being put down. Additionally, authorities are looking into what may have caused the mower to overturn.

This devastating loss may affect the man’s surviving family a great deal, and North Carolina residents who have lost loved ones in a similar manner may be facing difficulties themselves. In such events where workplace injuries lead to death, learning more about workers’ compensation may be a prudent step to take. If individuals are concerned about their potential benefits and necessary qualifications, they may wish to speak with experienced attorneys.

Source: kwch.com, “KDOT worker killed in W. Kansas mowing accident“, Deedee Sun, Aug. 18, 2016

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