North Carolina man dies after being injured at work

A recent work accident in North Carolina led to an individual’s death. Reports stated that the 24-year-old man was injured at work as he was performing duties on a roof. The man was employed by a construction company and had been on the roof in order to install felt. However, while working, he lost his balance.

Reports stated that the man attempted to jump from the roof after losing his balance, but his foot became caught in a gutter. As a result, he fell over 20 feet onto a concrete sidewalk. The head-first fall resulted in his suffering fractures to his skull, pelvis and one of his wrists. Emergency crews were called to the scene, and the victim was flown to an area hospital. Unfortunately, he later succumbed to the injuries he suffered.

It was also reported that the Occupational, Safety and Health Division of North Carolina’s Department of Labor was conducting an investigation into the incident. Investigators are looking to determine whether any potential violations may have contributed to the accident. Some of those violations include availability of fall protection, guardrail systems and whether proper training had been provided.

The family of the young man killed after being injured at work likely have many questions in the aftermath of the incident. If they feel it could be right for them, they may wish to consult with an experienced attorney to determine their options for workers’ compensation. Such compensation may be awarded to the North Carolina man’s family on his behalf in order to assist with any resulting financial difficulties.

Source:, “Roofing company employee dies after fall at Oak Gables on Aug. 17“, Aug. 24, 2016

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