Being injured on the job may affect North Carolina workers

When there are safety issues in a work environment, the chances of workers being injured may increase. If an individual is injured on the job, there may be many repercussions with which he or she will have to deal. Some of those predicaments may pertain to recovery from the injuries, and others may relate to financial struggles resulting from the incident.

North Carolina residents may be interested in a workplace accident that took place in another state. Recent reports stated that the accident occurred earlier this year and left one man seriously injured. The man had been working at a recycling plant for only two weeks when he suffered the injuries. The man claimed that the work environment was unsafe and that there were not enough workers to complete the task on which he was working.

As a result of the lack of help, a 500-pound piece of machinery fell on the man’s arm. The incident resulted in tendons and muscles in the man’s arm being severed as well as his suffering a substantial laceration. He is now unable to work, and doctors reportedly informed him that he will have chronic issues with his arm. It was also reported that the man has filed a legal claim due to disputed workers’ compensation.

Suffering such serious injuries while working is a nightmare of many North Carolina workers. As this case shows, being injured on the job could lead to many complications and permanent outcomes that could negatively affect a worker’s life. Therefore, if individuals have been seriously injured while working, they may wish to consult with experienced attorneys to determine their options for workers’ compensation and other related aspects.

Source:, “Ann Arbor recycling plant worker injured on the job speaks out“, Ryan Stanton, Aug. 29, 2016

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