North Carolina workers injured on the job after lightning strike

Working in the construction industry often poses certain risks for employees. Many of these risks can be anticipated, and safety measures may be put in place to prevent worker from being injured on the job. However, there are some circumstances that may not necessarily have been foreseen that could lead to worker injuries, and in such cases, injured workers may be left looking for answers.

Two workers in North Carolina may be hoping to find out information on workers’ compensation after being injured while on the job. Reports stated that the two individuals were working on a residence when they were apparently struck by lightning. At the time of the lightning strike, the two workers were on an aluminum ladder. It was unclear if the workers were attempting to perform duties in inclement weather or what other factors may have contributed.

Both individuals suffered injuries and were taken from the scene to an area medical center. At the time of the report, their conditions were unknown. Information pertaining to their ages and other identifying information was also not given at the time of the report. Additional information may be available at a later time.

Because these North Carolina workers were injured on the job, it is possible that they could qualify for workers’ compensation. These benefits could help them with financial difficulties stemming from the accident. If they would like more information on eligibility or other related factors, they may be able to gain more knowledge through local reliable resources. Additionally, speaking with experienced attorneys may also be worth consideration.

Source:, “Construction workers taken to hospital after lightning strike”, Emily Passwaters, Sept. 12, 2016

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