Workplace injuries could seriously affect North Carolina workers

All occupations have risks that could contribute to a possible on-the-job accident. These accidents could leave workers with serious injuries in some cases, and these injured parties may find themselves needing assistance. Workplace injuries may allow an individual to qualify for workers’ compensation, and information on these benefits may be useful.

North Carolina residents may be interested in the case of a workplace accident that took place in another state. Reports indicated that a man was working in an industrial building when he fell from a ladder. It was unclear what duties he may have been performing while on the ladder or what may have contributed to his fall. After the fall, he landed 20 feet below on a platform. Presumably due to his injuries, he was unable to get down from the platform.

Emergency crews arrived on the scene. Fire personnel strapped the man to a backboard and lowered him from the platform. Details on the extent of his injuries were not disclosed in the report. It was also not clear whether the man was treated at the scene or taken to an area hospital for examination.

On-the-job accidents are serious events, and if workplace injuries result, those injured could face considerable difficulties. Financial hardships are common after a serious injury of any kind, but individuals who are unable to return to work for a period of time may be particularly hard-hit. However, North Carolina residents who have been injured while working may be able to qualify for workers’ compensation and gaining more knowledge on these benefits may be wise.

Source:, “Worker injured after falling 20 feet off ladder“, Sept. 14, 2016

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