North Carolina residents injured at work may seek assistance

Workers’ compensation can offer valuable benefits to employees who have been hurt while on the job. However, obtaining those benefits may seem difficult for individuals who are uncertain about the process and whose employers may not be entirely forthcoming with assistance. In such cases, individuals who have been injured at work may wish to consult with legal professionals.

North Carolina residents may be interested in an accident in another state that left two workers injured. Reports indicated that the individuals were working construction on a bridge when an accident involving a car occurred. The workers were carrying a wooden beam and the car struck the beam, which caused the workers to fall 15 feet from a higher level of the bridge. They landed on the roof of the lower level and did not hit the roadway below.

The incident resulted in both men being injured and transported from the scene to a medical center. One man suffered a broken arm, and the other man suffered a back injury. Identifying information for the men was not given in the report, and it was unclear whether the driver involved may be facing any charges relating to the incident.

Due to the injuries suffered in this accident, the men may be entitled to workers’ compensation. Similarly, if North Carolina residents are injured at work, they may also qualify for such benefits. If individuals need assistance in working toward obtaining warranted compensation, they may wish to speak with experienced attorneys who could potentially shed light on the situation and advise on which legal routes may be most suited.

Source:, “Workers Injured After Car Knocks Them Off the Verrazano Bridge, MTA Says“, Nicholas Rizzi, Oct. 20, 2016

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