Industrial accidents may lead to injured North Carolina workers

Information on what steps to take after a serious work-related accident may prove immensely useful to individuals who have been affected. By understanding how to move forward toward potentially obtaining workers’ compensation after industrial accidents, injured North Carolina workers or family of deceased victims may be able to move in the right direction more quickly. Luckily, there are legal professionals available to help in such endeavors.

One injured worker and the family of a deceased worker may be looking for assistance after a recent accident in another state. Reports indicated that the individuals were contractors and were working in a building as demolition was taking place. During the activities, a wall collapsed. It was unclear whether the wall fell on the workers or if other actions resulted in their being affected.

The incident did result in one worker suffering fatal injuries. The second worker was taken from the scene to an area hospital, and that individual was not considered to be in critical condition. Identifying information on either individual was not disclosed in the report. A spokeswoman for the company stated that they are working with authorities in order to investigate the fatal incident.

Industrial accidents such as this one can easily lead to catastrophic outcomes. If North Carolina workers or their families have been negatively impacted by such an event, they may wish to determine whether they could potentially qualify for worker’s compensation. Information on how to pursue such benefits may be obtained from experienced attorneys if individuals are interested in obtaining such help.

Source:, “1 Worker Killed, Another Injured at Cargill Plant In Memphis“, Nov. 17, 2016

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