North Carolina families may want workers’ compensation info

Dealing with the loss of a loved one after an on-the-job injury proves fatal can be a significantly difficult predicament. Many individuals who have been in such a situation may attest to facing financial hardships in addition to emotional struggles. However, workplace accidents may qualify the surviving family for workers’ compensation on behalf of the deceased worker.

North Carolina residents may be interested in a recent out-of-state work accident that resulted in fatal injuries. Reports stated that a 53-year-old town employee was working on a project with the highway department when the injuries occurred. It was unclear exactly where the man was standing at the time, but he fell beneath the wheels of a work truck. As a result, he was run over by the truck.

The man was taken to an area hospital, but he unfortunately succumbed to his injuries. The man’s family suspect that the truck may have malfunctioned and slipped into gear, though no one was operating it. A fundraising page was reportedly set up in hopes of assisting the family with expenses. However, they may also wish to find out more regarding potential workers’ compensation benefits.

Workers’ compensation may be awarded to qualifying families when events such as this one occur. Of course, the circumstances of each case can play in role in how the benefits are potentially awarded. Therefore, North Carolina residents who have lost a loved one due to a work accident may wish to learn more about their options. Consulting with experienced attorneys may be a prudent step in such an endeavor.

Source:, “West Seneca town employee dies after injury“, Oct. 29, 2016

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