Workplace injuries may lead to workers’ comp in North Carolina

Whether a workplace accident is relatively minor or serious, there is a chance that injuries could result. In many cases, workplace injuries can lead individuals to needing time away from their jobs or could even result in deaths. In these instances, financial hardships could negatively impact surviving workers or the families of deceased workers.

North Carolina residents may be interested in an accident in another state that recently affected several workers. Reports stated that a gas pipeline exploded while workers were digging around the pipe. A track hoe hit the pipeline causing it to burst and leak gas. The gas then caught fire, which resulted in the explosion. That same pipeline had previously burst in another spot and leaked thousands of gallons of gasoline.

The explosion resulted in one worker suffering fatal injuries. Five other workers were transported from the scene to area hospitals in order to be treated for the injuries they suffered. Details on those injuries were not given in the report. The names and ages of those injured individuals were also not disclosed in the report.

Being severely injured or losing a loved one due to workplace injuries could lead to financial difficulties that North Carolina residents may struggle to handle. However, parties who are negatively affected by such accidents may qualify for workers’ compensation. These benefits may be able to assist qualifying individuals bridge the financial gap resulting from missed work and medical expenses. Consulting with experienced attorneys could help interested individuals find out more about these benefits and about their potential for qualification.

Source: New York Daily News, “Pipeline worker killed, five injured in Alabama gas explosion“, Nov. 1, 2016

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