Construction accident injuries may be catalyst for workers’ comp

North Carolina residents may be interested in a recent work-related incident that left one individual injured in another state. Reports indicated that the construction accident took place at an incomplete apartment complex. The building is to reach 20 stories, but at the time of the incident, construction had only reached the 12th story, which is where the accident occurred.

Apparently, a worker had been standing on some formation materials while attempting to attach the materials to a crane. While doing so, the materials toppled over, which caused the worker to fall. The materials then fell on top of the man and pinned him down. One of the man’s co-workers was able to get the materials off of the man, but due to there being no elevator on that level yet, the co-worker was not able to take the man to the ground level.

Rescue crews were called, and they utilized a crane to lower the man to the ground. He was then taken to an area trauma center to be treated for injuries. It was noted that rescue personnel had put a brace on the man’s foot, but it was not abundantly clear what types of injuries he may have suffered or what the extent of those injuries could be. The construction site was closed until the cause of the accident was determined.

As this case shows, it is easy for a construction accident to suddenly take place and leave an individual with injuries. If North Carolina residents have been injured on the job due to a similar event, they may have cause to seek workers’ compensation. Information on such benefits could help them determine what steps may be necessary to gain compensation.

Source:, “BREAKING: Worker injured in Pearl Midtown 29 construction accident near Wynwood“, Sean Stewart-Muniz, Nov. 29, 2016

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