Fatal workplace injuries may warrant workers’ comp for family

When a North Carolina resident dies as a result of a work-related accident, there are many steps that will likely be put in action. An investigation into the incident will undoubtedly be conducted on the part of the associated company and other relevant entities, and the family of the deceased worker will likely want to find answers for themselves. In addition to learning more about the fatal workplace injuries, information on workers’ compensation benefits may also prove useful.

One family in a neighboring state may be taking such steps after a recent incident. Reports stated that a 63-year-old worker was part of a maintenance crew attending to an industrial pump. The pump was reportedly used to transfer high temperature polymers involved in making plastic produced at the facility. Some of the liquid polymers came out of the pump and landed on the man and two other workers.

The man reportedly inhaled some of the polymers which presumably contributed to his being unable to breathe. As a result, he died from asphyxiation. The two other workers were transported from the scene to an area burn center and were considered to have serious injuries. The incident is under investigation by the state OSHA division.

When workplace injuries result in deaths or other serious outcomes, the impacts can be immense. The family of the deceased worker may face many financial difficulties in the aftermath of such an incident, and the loss of income could result in their inability to meet everyday needs. If North Carolina residents have been impacted in such a manner, they may wish to determine whether they may be able to qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.

Source: thetandd.com, “Asphyxia caused worker’s death“, Dec. 7, 2016

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