Workers’ comp benefits may bring relief to North Carolina workers

Many injury-causing accidents can leave individuals with lasting scars, both physically and mentally. Work-related accidents are no different, and North Carolina residents who have suffered serious injuries after being involved in such an incident may find themselves struggling to deal with the aftermath. However, workers’ comp benefits may be able to help injured individuals with the financial ramifications of their injuries.

One man in another state may be needing such benefits after a recent work-related incident. Reports stated that the man was a house-lifting worker and was working on a waterfront home. The man and another worker were securing beams to the piling on which the house would apparently rest. While carrying out these duties, a beam hit the man in the head.

The incident caused the man to fall and subsequently become trapped in the water due to his leg getting caught in a chain. Luckily, the water was shallow enough to allow the upper half of his body to remain out of the water. Emergency crews rescued the man, and he was transported to an area trauma center. It was not detailed what specific injuries he suffered.

Any occupation can put workers at risk of suffering injuries. When an accident occurs that leaves workers in serious condition, such as this incident, the financial struggles from medical expenses and time away from work may make the situation seem even more daunting. North Carolina employees who have suffered in such a manner due to a work-related accident may wish to find out whether they can qualify for workers’ comp benefits.

Source:, “One man injured after house collapse in Wildwood“, Lauren Carroll, Dec. 14, 2016

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