Injured on the job? Acting quickly may help with workers’ comp

On-the-job accidents can happen unexpectedly, and, in many cases, individuals may not have time to react in order to protect themselves from injuries. Being injured on the job can not only be frightening, but it can also lead to lasting effects that may have negative impacts on various areas of the injured party’s life. Most commonly, financial burdens result.

North Carolina residents may be interested in a recent work-related accident that may leave one out-of-state man with such burdens. Reports stated that the man was a metro worker, and he was working in a maintenance shaft at the time of the incident. While the man was attempting to clear leaves and other obstructions from the shaft, he fell 35 feet to the bottom.

Presumably due to the circumstances under which the accident occurred, it took emergency crews over two hours to free the man from the shaft. The team first had to set up a system to hoist the man up from the bottom, and it then took approximately 90 minutes for the worker to be pulled out. Reports indicated that he suffered from back and leg injuries in addition to hypothermia.

When going into work, the man likely did not anticipate being injured on the job. Unfortunately, any worker — including those in North Carolina — could be unexpectedly injured at any time. If individuals do suffer serious injuries, they may find themselves wondering how they will contend with the financial burdens from medical costs and potential lost income. However, workers’ compensation benefits can often help in such cases, and information on these benefits may prove useful to interested parties.

Source:, “Metro Worker Injured After Falling 35 Feet Down Bethesda Maintenance Shaft“, Trixie Dillwood, Jan. 5, 2017

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