Serious workplace injuries may have financial repercussions

The effects of injuries can be far reaching and long lasting. Workplace injuries can be especially difficult to deal with as many individuals work in environments that have numerous hazards that could cause severe injuries. If an accident takes place and leads to such injuries, the injured parties may find themselves in need of financial assistance.

North Carolina residents may be interested in an accident that took place in a nearby state. Reports indicated that the incident occurred at a recycling plant when a bale of material fell on a worker. It was unclear of what type of material the bale consisted, but it was noted that the bale may have weighed up to 1,000 lbs. Emergency crews were called to the scene just before 11:30 a.m.

The worker was taken from the scene in order to be treated for his injuries. The company president stated that the man suffered a broken leg and did not provide any additional information on the man’s condition or the accident. Reports also indicated that the company had faced safety issues in the past, but it was unclear whether any violations may have contributed to this recent event.

The workplace injuries resulting from this incident will likely lead to the worker needing time away from work to recover. North Carolina residents who have been injured on the job may also need such time, but, as a result, they may find themselves losing wages and facing other financial difficulties. However, workers’ compensation may be able to help them work toward creating a more manageable financial situation.

Source:, “Injured worker expected to recover, says company official“, Jan. 27, 2017

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