Workers’ comp benefits may prove vital in North Carolina

Needing financial assistance is a struggle that can strike at any moment. For some North Carolina residents, this need may arise due to the outcomes of a serious work-related accident. Workers may suffer injuries that cause loss of income due to time away from work and financial difficulties due to related medical expenses. Luckily, workers’ comp benefits may be able to help.

Multiple individuals in another state may be looking into these benefits after a recent incident. Reports stated that one worker was killed and another seriously injured after they were ran over by a construction truck. The two workers had been part of a crew attending to a mudslide that was covering part of a highway. The driver of the truck had been moving mud and rocks from the site. While the truck was backing up, it hit the two other workers.

Highway patrol officers and other workers tried to help, but one of the workers suffered fatal injuries. The other worker was freed by emergency crews and taken to an area hospital. The incident caused much shock and grief for others on the scene, and the proper authorities are now conducting an investigation into the event.

In cases like this one, the resulting turmoil may feel nearly insurmountable. On top of pain and suffering, negatively affected individuals may also face financial hardships due to the results of the accident. However, workers’ comp benefits may be able to help injured North Carolina workers and their families make ends meet by covering monetary damages stemming from such events.

Source:, “Highway 17 mudslide worker killed in construction truck accident“, Phil Gomez, Feb. 10, 2017

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