Suffering a work-related injury may come as sudden shock

It is likely common for many North Carolina construction workers to worry about suffering injuries on the job. A work-related injury could occur at any time, and such an outcome could leave workers feeling uncertain about their futures in the construction industry. Because some injuries could be severe, individuals likely face considerable troubles in the aftermath of an accident.

It was recently reported that a construction worker in another state suffered injuries after an incident involving a sea wall. Apparently, the man was working with other individuals carrying out duties involving the sea wall when the wall slipped from a chain that was apparently holding it. The 1-ton panel fell on top of the man and other workers and trapped them in a hole.

It was unclear how many workers were involved in the incident, but the man appears to have been the only one injured. Emergency crews freed the workers, and the man was transported from the scene by helicopter to an area hospital to be treated. The exact extent of his injuries was not disclosed in the report, but additional information may be provided at a later time.

Sudden accidents such as this one are hard to prepare for. As a result, it can catch many individuals off guard when a work-related injury occurs. Because this type of injury could have varying effects on workers, injured North Carolina residents may wish to enlist the help of an attorney to assess how their injuries have impacted them. This assessment could help them determine the maximum benefits to seek in a workers’ compensation claim.

Source:, “Marco Island construction worker injured after 1-ton sea wall falls, traps him“, Patrick Riley, Feb. 28, 2017

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