Work-related injury may mean time off from work in North Carolina

Injuries suffered on the job are rarely easy to immediately bounce back from. As a result, North Carolina residents who suffer a work-related injury often need time away from work in order to attend to their injuries. When such time is taken, workers may lose income as a result and must contend with financial difficulties that could stem from such an event.

At least one worker in a nearby state may be facing such a situation due to a recent work-related accident. Reports stated that two workers were injured while they were carrying out demolition duties. They were cutting parts of an old coal plant when the structure collapsed. As a result, both workers fell to the ground along with the debris from the collapse.

The two workers were transported to two separate medical facilities. The first worker suffered broken ribs and a cut to his leg that resulted in his needing stitches. He was to remain in the hospital at least overnight. It was unclear what injuries the second worker may have suffered, but it was reported that he was treated and released from the hospital.

The worker who suffered broken ribs could especially need time away from work to recover. Any work-related injury could present such a predicament, and as a result, this man and any workers in North Carolina who have been injured on the job may wish to determine whether workers’ compensation could help. These benefits could provide important income during the time in which the injured parties are away from work or on light duty if they qualify.

Source:, “Injuries not critical at demolition site on Nissan Smyrna property“, Dan Epright, March 21, 2017

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