Work-related back injury may cause difficulties in North Carolina

Many individuals know that any type of serious injury could have lasting impacts. North Carolina residents who suffer a back injury while on the job may face substantial difficulties, and this type of injury can often limit mobility and potentially have permanent affects. If the injury does prove permanent, individuals may need workers’ compensation to bridge financial gaps.

One worker in another state may need such assistance after an on-the-job accident that recently occurred. It was unclear on what type of job the man was working, but the work site had a trench that was 8 feet deep and 50 feet long. Somehow, the man fell into the trench and was apparently unable to get out. Information on how exactly the man fell was not available.

Emergency crews had to stabilize the sides of the trench before successfully extracting the man. He was reportedly complaining of back pain, but there were no available details regarding his exact injuries or condition. He was transported to the hospital for treatment. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was investigating the incident at the time of the report.

As this incident shows, a fall could easily result in a back injury taking place. After suffering such an injury on the job, the injured party may be able to qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. North Carolina workers who have been similarly injured may wish to find out more information on these benefits and how they may be able to work toward obtaining financial assistance for resulting hardships.

Source: CBS San Francisco, “Injured Worker Rescued From Trench At San Ramon Job Site“, April 12, 2017

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