Injuries common in the trucking industry

The trucking industry is full of hard working men and women. If you are one of these hard workers, there is a chance that you will become injured while you are working. These injuries can occur whether you are responsible for loading and securing cargo or handling the driving duties.

There are some injuries that are fairly common in the trucking industry. Knowing a few key points about these injuries might prove beneficial.

Back injuries

Back injuries can occur with a single incident or they can occur as a repetitive motion injury. A pulled back muscle is possible, but you can also suffer more serious injuries. In some cases, you might end up needing to have surgery or other medical care for the injuries you suffer. Using proper lifting techniques can help you to avoid these types of injuries. You might also need to wear a back brace to support your back while you lift things.

Neck injuries

Neck injuries are common for people in this industry. One reason that this might occur is not using proper posture when you are sitting. Some semitruck seats aren’t ergonomically friendly. Using assistive devices, such as aftermarket cushions, might help to alleviate some of the stress on your neck. You might also suffer a neck injury in a crash or another on-the-job accident.

Shoulder injuries

Shoulder injuries are another type of injury that is possible when you are in the trucking industry. This can come from improper lifting techniques, as well as from the stress of having to keep your arms in position to steer a big rig. Bone spurs and tendonitis are two of the injuries that are possible in the shoulder. In some cases, you might need to have surgery to correct the issues. This would mean that you would have to take considerable time off of work while you recuperate from the surgery.

Knee injuries

Knee injuries are often caused by repetitive motions that put stress on the knees. This might be from lifting using your knees. Having to sit for long periods might also cause your knees to ache when you get up and start moving around. Medication, surgery and rehabilitation might all lead to knee injuries.

Fatal injuries

In the case of semitruck crashes and other accidents at work, fatal injuries might occur. This could be from cargo falling onto the victim or from a fall. The only way to minimize the risk of a fatal injury occurring is to use proper safety techniques.

If you are injured while working in the trucking industry, you might be able to seek workers’ compensation benefits. Your working classification, which can be an independent contractor or employee, might have an impact on what you can receive. Make sure you find out about this issue.

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