Workers’ comp benefits may not be guarantee in North Carolina

Though many North Carolina residents may think that obtaining benefits after a job-related accident is guaranteed, that is not necessarily the case. The details of the incident play a significant role in determining whether workers’ comp benefits are warranted, and even if a person suffers injuries, he or she could potentially be denied compensation. This type of incident can be understandably disheartening.

One worker in another state may be wondering what to do if he is denied compensation after a recent accident. Reports stated that the man was an electrical company worker, and he was apparently carrying out duties when he fell approximately 30 feet into an underground electrical vault. It was unclear what may have caused the fall, but an investigation is likely underway.

The man did suffer serious injuries in the event and had to be taken from the site to an area hospital. It took approximately 30 firefighters to conduct an operation to rescue the man from the vault. Additional emergency crew members also attended to the man’s injuries at the scene. More information on the incident may be available at a later time.

Just like other North Carolina residents who have been in similar situations, this man undoubtedly wants to gain much-needed financial benefits, and beginning the process as soon as possible would certainly be in his best interests. If injured workers face a denial of their claims, they may be able to appeal that decision in hopes of still obtaining workers’ comp benefits. Whether beginning the process or working on an appeal, interested workers may wish to discuss their cases with experienced attorneys.

Source:, “Worker injured in 30-foot fall into electrical vault at Rutgers campus“, Jessica Mazzola, May 3, 2017

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