Construction accident leads to injuries in North Carolina

The type of work a person does for a living can play a significant role in the risks and hazards he or she faces daily. Individuals in the construction industry often face considerable issues due to the various aspects that their jobs require them to handle. Because there are so many factors involved with this line of work, a construction accident can take place suddenly.

One worker in North Carolina was recently injured in such an accident. Reports stated that the man was working around a trench when he fell into the hole. Soon after his fall, the trench itself collapsed on top of him. The incident took place at approximately 12:30 a.m. The report did not detail what may have caused the man to fall.

Emergency personnel were called to the scene in order to extract the man from the trench. Luckily, they were able to get him out quickly, and he was transported to an area hospital. It was unclear what type of injuries the man may have suffered in the event. The incident was still under investigation at the time of the report, but it was noted that work at the construction site continued.

If the North Carolina worker suffered serious injuries in this construction accident, he could face many negative repercussions. Foremost among those consequences is the financial hardships that could result from missing work and dealing with medical expenses. However, the man may wish to find out more information on workers’ compensation, and an experienced attorney may be able to answer any questions he has regarding these benefits.

Source:, “Construction worker injured after trench collapses on him in Raleigh”, June 22, 2017

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