Work-related injury may raise workers’ comp questions

Most North Carolina residents rarely want to find themselves in a situation that results in their suffering serious injuries. Unfortunately, not all injury-causing accidents can be avoided, and many of those incidents take place while individuals are on the job. Such an event could easily result in a work-related injury that may cause the injured party to have questions relating to workers’ compensation.

One man in another state may soon be having such questions after a recent incident. Reports stated that the man worked as a lineman for an energy company and was working on power lines that had fallen due to severe storms in the area. It was unclear exactly what happened during the injury-causing event, but it stated that contact had occurred, presumably between the man and a live power line.

The injuries were serious enough that the man had to be transported from the scene by medical helicopter. He was taken to an area hospital, but his condition was unknown at the time of the report. Additionally, there was no information available regarding the man’s age or other identifying details.

In the aftermath of a work-related injury, individuals may feel helpless. They may wonder if or when they can return to work and what they will do in the meantime in terms of gaining income. The answers to these questions can depend heavily on the circumstances of the accident and injury, but often, workers’ compensation may be able to help qualifying North Carolina workers make ends meet. Experienced attorneys could assist interested individuals in finding the answers they seek regarding these benefits.

Source: CBS Minnesota, “Connexus Line Worker Injured During Storm Clean-Up“, June 11, 2017

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