Freak accidents, serious injuries may mean workers’ compensation

North Carolina residents may be interested in a recent work-related accident that left one individual seriously injured. The incident occurred in another state and involved a man who was working on an elevator. Due to the incident, the man may soon be looking into information regarding workers’ compensation if he hopes to obtain financial assistance.

According to reports, the man was carrying out repair duties that were described as routine at the time of the accident. While working in the elevator shaft, the elevator car fell and landed on top of him. He was crushed beneath it, and emergency crews were called to the scene in order to rescue the man. One worker described the incident as a freak accident.

During the rescue, emergency workers were able to lift the elevator enough to get the man out from underneath it. A member of the fire department crew stated that the rescue took about 10 minutes. The man was taken to an area hospital with life-threatening injuries, though he was expected to survive. The report also stated that the man could potentially lose his arm, but no additional details regarding that injury were given.

Sudden work accidents can affect any North Carolina worker, and as this case shows, the injuries can be quite severe. If individuals have suffered harm while on the job, they may wish to determine whether they could qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. If those parties have questions regarding the process for application or other aspects of workers’ comp, they may wish to consider speaking with experienced attorneys.

Source:, “Worker Critically Injured as Elevator Crushes Him on Lafayette St.: FDNY“, Ben Fractenberg and Aidan Gardiner, July 5, 2017

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