Industrial accidents may lead to need for survivors’ benefits

While death is a part of life, most North Carolina residents likely hope that their time will come once they have lived long and happy lives. Unfortunately, fatalities occur due to accidents on a daily basis, and lives can be lost all too soon. Industrial accidents can easily lead to injuries that result in workers’ deaths, and family members may be left reeling by the news.

One family in another state may be facing such a predicament after a recent incident. Reports stated that a 47-year-old man was killed while on the job, and the accident involved a lift. It was unclear what the lift was being used for at the time, but the man somehow became crushed underneath it.

Emergency crews were called to the scene, and by the time they had arrived, the lift had been raised off the man. The incident was still under investigation at the time of the report, and additional details on how the accident occurred were not given. Unfortunately, the injuries the man suffered proved fatal. It was unclear whether he died at the scene or elsewhere.

Industrial accidents can easily occur due to the use of machinery and heavy equipment. If North Carolina families have lost loved ones due to such events, they may wonder how they will go on as they work to deal with the resulting hardships. Because financial struggles are not unusual for surviving families after work-related accidents, affected parties may wish to look into information pertaining to workers’ compensation and determine whether they could potentially be entitled to survivors’ benefits.

Source:, “Coroner identifies man killed in industrial accident at Mount Joy packaging firm“, Heather Stauffer, July 17, 2017

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