Injured at work due to an explosion? Workers’ comp info may help

The severity of injuries suffered in a work-related accident can depend on the type of work being done and various other circumstances related to the incident. Some North Carolina residents may work in particularly dangerous occupations or with potentially hazardous materials that could put them at risk of being injured at work. When a sudden event occurs, any injured parties may feel overwhelmed by the situation.

One woman in another state may be working to determine how to handle her situation after recently being involved in a workplace accident. Reports stated that the woman works for a fireworks company and was putting together an electronic match. While attempting to carry out her duties, the device exploded, which resulted in a small fire that was extinguished.

The incident resulted in the woman suffering injuries to both of her hands. She was transported to an area hospital, but it was unclear what the extent of her injuries may have been. The owner of the fireworks company stated that such an incident had never taken place at their facility before, and the other workers were “taking a pause” in the aftermath of the accident.

Incidents like this one in which an explosion is involved can cause serious injuries, including burns. If North Carolina workers have been injured at work due to such an event, they may feel the need to look into financial benefits that may help during their time of recovery and in dealing with any lasting effects that may hinder their work ability. Individuals hoping to find such information may wish to speak with experienced attorneys regarding workers’ compensation.

Source:, “Worker injured in explosion at fireworks company“, Jaccii Farris, June 30, 2017

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