Watch out for knee and hip injuries at work

People who do physical labor and those who have to sit still for prolonged periods of time can suffer from injuries to their hips and knees. These injuries are sometimes nothing more than a nuisance, but over time, they can become so serious that they impact every aspect of your life.

When your knee or hip injury is severe, there is a chance that you will need surgery or other medical interventions to correct the situation. Even once you do get medical care, things might not return to where they were prior to the injury.

Causes of hip and knee injuries

Some hip and knee injuries are the result of an accident that damages the joint. This might occur if you fall at work or if you are hit by a moving object. For example, a trucker might suffer a hip injury if he or she is struck by a forklift during the process of loading or unloading cargo.

Other hip and knee injuries are the result of wear and tear over time. Using proper lifting techniques and making sure that you are moving these joints appropriately can help to prevent these injuries. If your job requires you to sit for prolonged periods, getting up to move around a bit can help with stiffness in these joints. If your job requires that you stand for long periods of time, anti-fatigue mats might help. Wearing proper footwear can also prove invaluable.

Impact on your ability to work

Minor hip and knee injuries might not affect your work at all. When the injury becomes painful or impedes the joint’s movements, you might find that you can’t work like you are accustomed to working. This could mean that you have to switch to a different work position or that you are unable to work at all. As you can imagine, not being able to work could affect your finances.

Another time when these injuries could impact your ability to work is when you need surgery. Almost any surgical procedure would require that you take time off of work while you heal and go through therapy to relearn how to use the joint after the surgery.

If the knee or hip injury you suffered is because of work-related duties or conditions, you can choose to seek compensation through workers’ compensation coverage. This can help to pay for medical bills and provide partial wage replacement that can make it a bit easier to pay your bills. If you do file for workers’ compensation, make sure that you know your rights and learn what you can do if you don’t agree with the benefits you are provided.

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