Workplace injuries could leave workers out of a job for months

Work accidents are almost always frightening events. Even when workers escape such a situation unscathed, it could still leave many individuals feeling shaken. Unfortunately, many people do suffer workplace injuries due to accidents, and they can suffer numerous negative effects for an extended period of time. Determining the best way to handle the resulting issues can often prove difficult.

North Carolina residents may be interested in one man who suffered work-related injuries in another area. Reports stated that the man had been working in a construction zone on a roadway when he was run over by a dump truck. Apparently, another worker was backing up when the tailgate of the truck struck the man on the shoulder, causing him to fall. The truck then ran over him.

The man was taken from the scene by helicopter in order to be treated for undisclosed injuries. It was stated that the man had multiple issues and would likely not be able to return to work for a few months and after that would likely be on restricted duty. At the time of the report, the man’s duties had been reassigned to other workers.

When North Carolina workers suffer workplace injuries that may leave them out of work for months, they may understandably worry about the potential for financial difficulties. In many cases, workers’ compensation could help provide monetary benefits to lessen the struggles that the injuries may present, especially those related to medical bills and lost wages. Information on workers’ comp may help interested individuals determine whether their injuries may qualify them for such assistance.

Source:, “County employee seriously injured in job site accident“, Kent Tempus, July 25, 2017

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