Family may seek benefits after fatal construction accident

Understandably, any incident that results in a person suffering fatal injuries is devastating. When the injuries occur due to a construction accident, the event can leave employers, other workers and family members considerably shaken. Unfortunately, these types of accidents take place on a fairly common basis, and many individuals do suffer substantially negative impacts.

North Carolina readers may be interested in a recent accident that took place out of state. Reports indicated that one person was injured and another was killed when a dirt and concrete wall collapsed at a construction site. It was unclear what may have caused the wall to collapse, but the incident caused one worker to be knocked to the ground while the other became trapped underneath the wall.

Emergency crews searched for the trapped worker, but when he was located, it was determined that he had suffered fatal injuries. The rescue mission then turned to a recovery endeavor. The other worker was transported from the scene in order to be treated for the injuries he suffered. It was unclear how extensive those injuries may have been. It was noted that the accident was under investigation at the time of the report.

When a construction accident has such tragic outcomes, the injured parties and families of deceased victims may have many questions when it comes to potentially obtaining financial assistance with resulting hardships. Medical expenses, lost wages and other issues can easily befall North Carolina residents facing such circumstances. Luckily, workers’ compensation can often help qualifying individuals, and therefore, interested parties may wish to obtain more information on these benefits.

Source:, “Poughkeepsie: Construction worker killed at Dutton site“, Geoffrey Wilson, Aug. 3, 2017

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