North Carolina worker injured in construction accident fall

Serious injuries could befall anyone while on the job. Unfortunately, some professions — such as construction work — place workers at a higher risk of injury. When a construction accident takes place, it is important that any individuals who may have been injured receive proper medical attention as soon as possible. After care has been administered, injured workers may find themselves considering the financial implications.

One North Carolina worker may be hoping to easily recover from injuries as well as deal with any financial repercussions after a recent accident. Reports stated that the individual was a construction worker and was apparently working on a building when the accident occurred. Details on the incident were not given, but it was reported that the worker fell approximately 29 feet off of the building.

Though the report stated that the person was injured in the incident, no additional information was given regarding the extent of those injuries. The person’s age and other identifying information were also withheld by authorities. More information on the incident may be available at a later time as an investigation will likely continue to determine the exact causes of the accident.

As the individual works to recover from the injuries suffered, the worker may also have concerns regarding medical expenses and lost wages. These financial concerns typically arise after a construction accident that results in injuries, and this worker and other North Carolina employees may find information on workers’ compensation benefits helpful. If awarded, such benefits could help with financial hardships resulting from a work-related incident.

Source:, “Construction worker injured after falling 29 feet off Chapel Hill building“, Aug. 17, 2017

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