On-the-job accidents may present need for workers’ compensation

Many North Carolina workers may have to carry out duties in confined spaces or face exposure to potentially toxic materials. Though safety precautions are often in place to lessen the likelihood of worker injuries, oversights could easily result in an on-the-job accident. These events may have the potential for serious outcomes, and in many cases, injured parties or surviving families may need workers’ compensation.

Multiple individuals in another state may be gaining more information on such benefits after a recent incident. Reports stated that the workplace accident took place at a power plant while workers were attempting to carry out maintenance duties. Apparently, they were in a confined space working on a pipe. Though the pipe was presumably supposed to be free of hazardous gas while the men were working, hydrogen sulfide gas was released into the space.

Two men who were closest to the exposure suffered fatal outcomes. Three other men were injured due to the toxic exposure. One man suffered more severe injuries due to falling off a ladder at the time of the incident. It was noted that one of the deceased workers and one of the injured workers were brothers. The incident was under investigation at the time of the report.

When unexpected events occur on the job, individuals could easily suffer as a result. If North Carolina workers have been injured or families lost loved ones due to similar circumstances, gaining information on workers’ compensation may be in their best interests. These benefits could help them financially in the aftermath of work-related accidents.

Source: timesonline.com, “Two workers killed by noxious gas at Bruce Mansfield Power Plant“, Tom Davidson and Daveen Rae Kurutz, Aug. 30, 2017

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