Fear of being injured on the job not invalid in North Carolina

Many North Carolina residents go to work expecting their days to be like any other. Unfortunately, some individuals may find themselves involved in unexpected incidents that lead to their suffering serious injuries. Being injured on the job can be a devastating experience, and some workers may not know where to turn after such an event.

One man in another state may be feeling such confusion after being involved in a serious work-related incident. Reports stated that the man works for the Department of Public Works for the city in which the accident took place, and he was putting brush into the bed of his work vehicle when he was struck by a car. The accident took place just before 8:30 a.m.

The incident resulted in the worker suffering critical injuries, and the Michigan man was transported from the scene by a medical helicopter. His age was not given in the report. The driver of the striking vehicle was not injured in the event. Additional information on the accident may be available later as an investigation into the incident will likely continue.

If North Carolina residents have been injured on the job due to similar circumstances, they could easily face numerous hardships. Though they may know that workers’ compensation could potentially help them financially, they may not know how to begin the process for applying for benefits or how to address issues that could arise during the application process. Luckily, information from local legal resources is available that could help interested parties better understand how to go about possibly obtaining workers’ comp benefits.

Source: wzzm13.com, “City worker critically injured in Fremont“, Emma Nicolas and April Stevens, Sept. 5, 2017

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