Workplace injuries may leave North Carolina workers shaken

Going to work is something that most North Carolina residents carry out several days a week. They may not think much about heading to their jobs as the obligation may simply seem like part of their routine. However, suffering workplace injuries is anything but routine, and individuals may find their typical schedules shaken up by a work-related accident.

Two workers in another state may feel shaken up themselves after being injured in a construction accident. The two individuals were working on renovations in part of a recycling plant when a wall of the plant collapsed. Reports stated that the collapse caused a small avalanche of debris, and the two workers became caught up in the flow. It was unclear whether they became trapped as a result.

Luckily, neither worker suffered fatal injuries as an outcome of the incident. It was reported that one individual suffered minor injuries, and the other person was reported as having a broken ankle. Both workers were taken from the scene to a medical center for treatment. It was not mentioned what may have caused the wall to collapse.

When accidents take place that lead to workplace injuries, it can take time for individuals to get back on their feet. Even if a person begins to feel physically better, full recovery may not be right around the corner. As a result, workers could find themselves facing financial issues due to time away from work and the medical costs associated with their treatments. Because of these possible outcomes, North Carolina residents who have been injured on the job may wish to find out information on workers’ compensation to determine what steps they should take in order to apply.

Source: New York Daily News, “Two hardhats injured as wall collapses at Queens recycling plant“, Esha Ray, Oct. 28, 2017

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