Bob Bollinger wins “OIC” Death case at Court of Appeals

Bob Bollinger recently won a case involving the death of a client who died from complications of “OIC” or opioid-induced constipation.

Bob’s client, Mr. Fisher, died in August 2013 after suffering a bowel blockage.  The blockage was so severe that it caused a “necrotic colon” or the death of the tissue of the large intestine.  His blockage was mostly the result of long-term use of opioid pain medications to treat the chronic pain of a workers’ compensation injury.

Although the underlying workers’ compensation case was accepted, the death claim by the client’s widow was denied and contested.  Bob tried the case and won it at the Deputy Commissioner level.  The insurance company appealed to the Full Commission, and Bob won the case at that level as well.  Then, the insurance company appealed the case to the NC Court of Appeals.  Bob won at that Court in a decision filed on December 19, 2017.  The Court of Appeals affirmed the Full Commission’s award by a 3-0 decision, in an opinion written by Judge Donna Stroud.   The case is Fisher v. United Continental Holdings, Inc, d/b/a United Airlines, and Gallagher Bassett, case number COA16-1210.   The case can be read in its entirety on the NC Courts web page, under Court of Appeal Opinions, 2017.   Mr. Fisher was a wonderful fellow, and Bob is very pleased to win this case for his family.

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