Work-related fire injuries may warrant workers’ compensation

Some North Carolina workers’ worst nightmares could involve getting injured at work. These fears may be warranted as many professions pose serious hazards to employees, and the impacts could be devastating. Unfortunately, injuries do take place on the job, and many people face financial difficulties on top of their physical pain. Luckily, workers’ compensation may be able to help with those financial burdens.

One worker in another state may be looking into obtaining such benefits after recently being injured while working. Reports stated that the individual was an electrical worker, and while carrying out maintenance at a school, a fire broke out. It was unclear what exactly caused the fire to occur, but it reportedly caused enough problems that the school canceled classes and activities for the next couple of days.

The incident resulted in the worker suffering injuries. It was not clear what the severity of those injuries may have been, but the person was taken from the scene to a medical center in order to receive treatment. It was unclear whether there were any other electrical workers on the site at the time of the incident.

When injuries result due to a fire, the outcomes can easily turn serious. Burns and other issues can cause injured parties to suffer a great deal and can be difficult to recover from. During the time of recovery, medical bills could accumulate as well as lost wages. However, workers’ compensation benefits may be able to fill in the gaps created by wage loss and help cover medical expenses. Information on applying for this type of aid may be useful for injured North Carolina workers.

Source:, “Electrical worker injured in fire at western Iowa school“, Dec. 7, 2017

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