Being injured at work may cause financial hardships

Some workers may have a reasonable and significant fear of suffering injuries on the job. Unfortunately, this fear is not unwarranted in many occupations as risks are around every corner. When a person is injured at work, the specific circumstances of the incident could play a considerable role in how significantly his or her life is affected.

North Carolina residents may be interested in an injury-causing accident that recently took place in another state. The event occurred at a whiskey distillery, and apparently only one person was injured in the incident. It was unclear what may have caused the accident, but it was reported that a still exploded. The explosion caused the still to move approximately 12 feet from its original position.

The injured worker had apparently been standing close to the still when the explosion occurred. Emergency medical technicians transported him to an area hospital, but it was noted that he was alert and talking at the time. He apparently suffered burns in the event but additional information regarding his injuries was not given. His age and other identifying information was also excluded from the report.

Being injured at work can be frightening and burdensome. Though some people may wish to return to work soon, their injuries may prevent that action. As a result, they could face lost income as well as medical expenses associated with their injuries, which could lead to financial hardships. Luckily, North Carolina workers injured on the job may be able to qualify for workers’ compensation benefits that may prove useful in covering applicable financial difficulties.

Source:, “Small explosion at Strip District distillery injures worker“, Jan. 4, 2018

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