Fall-related construction accident can lead to serious harm

Falls can happen at any time. Some individuals may be particularly clumsy and trip over themselves, or parties may end up falling due to hazardous conditions. Whatever the circumstances, falls can lead to serious injuries. When the incident takes place as part of a construction accident, there may be an even higher likelihood that the worker or workers involved could face severe harm.

North Carolina residents may be interested in one out-of-state worker who was recently injured in a work-related fall. Reports stated that the man was part of a construction crew working on building a casino. The man had only been on duty for a short time when he reportedly fell down an elevator shaft. Details on how the accident occurred were not given in the report.

It was also unclear what exact injuries the man may have suffered in the incident. However, it was noted that he was alert and conscious while being transported to an area medical center. This incident is apparently the first one of significance in relation to the construction project that has covered 2 million workforce hours and has over 1,000 construction workers on site each day.

Falls are an unfortunately common construction accident. The exact causes of such incidents can vary, but they often lead to individuals suffering harm. If North Carolina workers have been injured in such events, they may want to look into applying for workers’ compensation. Because financial struggles are not uncommon after a work-related accident, workers’ comp may be able to provide useful benefits to qualifying parties.

Source: necn.com, “Construction Worker Injured in Fall Down Elevator Shaft at Wynn Boston Harbor“, Melissa Buja, Jan. 2, 2018

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