Industrial accidents: North Carolina worker killed after fall

When a family loses a loved one due to a work-related accident, the news can leave those surviving family members feeling fractured. They may not know how to handle this unexpected event and could face many difficulties in its aftermath. Unfortunately, industrial accidents happen quite often, and many workers can suffer serious or fatal injuries as a result of these incidents.

One worker in North Carolina recently lost his life due to such an event. Reports stated that the man was working at Charlotte Pipe and Foundry when he fell into a hole. Apparently, the hole was being dug in order for the crews to install footers for a safety system for added fall protection. It was unclear what may have caused the man to fall into the hole.

He initially suffered serious injuries in the incident, and he was taken from the scene to an area hospital. However, he succumbed to his injuries and was declared dead at the medical center. At the time of the report, the incident was still under investigation. Identifying information for the worker was not provided at the time of the report.

Industrial accidents such as this one can prove devastating, and the man’s family is undoubtedly facing difficult times ahead in more ways than one. Though their emotional struggles may be particularly burdensome, they may also face hardships due to the lost income that the worker once provided. As a result, they may like to gain information on how workers’ compensation benefits could potentially help. Learning more about applying for such benefits in North Carolina may prove useful to them.

Source:, “NC worker dies in construction accident after falling into hole”, Dec. 20, 2017

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