Construction accident leaves man injured in North Carolina

Working in the construction industry can cause many people to look forward to going to work. Seeing their hard work turn into lasting structures can be a point of pride for numerous individuals. Of course, even if individuals love their jobs, they certainly understand that a construction accident could suddenly take place that leads to their suffering serious injuries.

It was recently reported that a man in North Carolina was caught in such an incident. The man was apparently working as part of a construction crew to erect a new apartment complex. He was reportedly working on the roof of the three-story structure when trusses from the roof collapsed. The trusses fell on the man and caused him to suffer injuries.

In order to get the man off the roof, emergency crews had to utilize a ladder truck. The exact injuries that he suffered were not detailed in the report. It was noted that he was taken to an area hospital and considered to be in stable condition. Additional information on how the accident took place and the man’s injuries may become available at a later time.

Due to being injured in this North Carolina construction accident, the man may have reason to pursue workers’ compensation benefits. Many individuals may have heard of such benefits but are uncertain as to how to apply for them or what they can be used for. In most cases, workers’ comp can help with lost wages, medical expenses and other financial-related issues resulting from the work-related injuries. Information on applying may prove useful to interested parties.

Source:, “Durham construction worker injured by falling roof“, Feb. 5, 2018

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