Construction falls can lead to critical workplace injuries

Being injured at work may be a fear that many people face on a daily basis. Individuals with high-risk jobs may hope that they make it home unscathed every day. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and individuals can suffer workplace injuries that can have lasting effects on their lives for a considerable amount of time, if not permanently.

North Carolina readers may be interested in a construction accident that recently took place in another state. Reports indicated that individuals working as part of the construction team were carrying some heavy, metal material across a plank as they were attempting to attach the metal to a wall. However, the plank did not support the workers, and as a result, four individuals fell three stories when the plank gave way. It was unclear what type of plank they may have been using.

It was noted that one worker indicated that a crane or lift is typically used when trying to carry out the type of task the workers were attending to. However, one was not used in this instance. The individuals who fell suffered injuries, and three of the four workers were considered to be in critical condition.

Critical workplace injuries can put individuals’ lives at risk. Though the workers’ main goals will undoubtedly relate to their recovering as best as possible, worries regarding medical expenses and other financial issues may creep into their minds. Luckily, when parties are injured on the job, they may have the ability to gain financial assistance through workers’ compensation. North Carolina workers who have suffered injuries and feel that they may qualify for such benefits may want to further explore this option.

Source: CBS Los Angeles, “4 Construction Workers Injured In 3-Story Fall Down Elevator Shaft“, Feb. 16, 2018

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