Construction materials could lead to workplace injuries

Many people get into a routine when it comes to going to work and attending to their job-related duties. It is not unusual for individuals to carry out the same tasks day after day and for those tasks to feel commonplace. However, even when North Carolina workers feel comfortable in their jobs, there is still a significant chance that accidents and workplace injuries could occur.

One worker in another state recently found himself in such a position. Reports stated that the man was working to construct a new aqueduct tunnel when he was involved in an accident. He and other workers were working with concrete sections of the tunnel, which involved placing the sections into a machine that would install them. However, while doing this, one of the sections fell from the machine.

The incident resulted in the man’s leg being trapped under a section of the concrete tunnel. He remained conscious and alert while others worked to free him. It was noted that he helped himself out from under the section along with the others. It was unclear whether emergency crews or other workers helped him. Details on his injuries were not given in the report, but he was transported to an area hospital for treatment.

Working with heavy materials and machinery can easily pose risks for workers. Those in North Carolina who have suffered workplace injuries due to accidents involving equipment, materials or other objects may need time away from work in order to recover. Because this type of situation can easily lead to financial difficulties, injured workers may want to find out more information on their options for pursuing workers’ compensation.

Source:, “Worker injured in Delaware Aqueduct tunnel“, Feb. 28, 2018

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