North Carolina worker injured on the job after fall

At some point in most people’s lives, they have fallen and suffered some sort of injury. Whether it was a minor trip that led to a scraped hand or knee or a more serious event, the idea that any type of fall can result in an injury is understood by most individuals. Unfortunately, construction workers face a considerable risk of being injured on the job due to falls because they often work at substantial heights.

It was recently reported that one North Carolina construction worker was hurt in such an incident. Apparently, the man was carrying out undisclosed duties on a building when he fell 12 feet. It was not mentioned where exactly in the building the man was or what may have contributed to his fall, but he landed on the seventh floor of the structure.

Rescuers had to utilize an aerial device in order to bring the man from the building down to the ground. From there, he was taken to an area hospital for treatment of undisclosed injuries. Information regarding the man’s condition was not available at the time of the report, and identifying information was not provided.

After such a fall, it would not be surprising if this North Carolina man was seriously injured on the job. While he recovers, he may face monetary challenges resulting from medical bills, time away from work and other related costs. In order to address these issues, he may want to learn more about his options for workers’ compensation benefits and what steps he may need to take in order to apply.

Source:, “Construction worker injured after 12-foot fall from Durham building“, Janine Bowen, March 22, 2018

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