Industrial accidents can cause financial burdens on families

The type of accident that causes a person to suffer injuries can have a considerable impact on how severe those injuries are. When industrial accidents take place, it is not unusual for the resulting injuries to prove severe or even fatal. In the latter case, surviving family members may face a myriad of resulting hardships, especially when it comes to their finances.

North Carolina readers may be interested in an accident that took place in a neighboring state. Reports indicated that a 59-year-old man was killed in an industrial incident while working at a flooring manufacturing site. The details of the accident were unclear, but it was reported that the man was hit by a “large roller” in the event. The exact cause of the incident was unknown at the time of the report, but investigations were underway.

The man was taken from the facility to an area hospital, and he succumbed to his injuries there. He had started working for the company in 2012 before transferring in 2015 to the location where the fatal accident took place. The report also stated that another fatality occurred at the same facility just seven months ago. Details on that death were not given in the recent report.

Industrial accidents are not uncommon, and when they prove fatal, surviving North Carolina family members may feel as if they have lost their way. Not only will they have to continue their lives without their loved ones, but they will likely also have to determine how to make up for the income that will no longer be provided for their families. On a beneficial note, workers’ compensation may be able to help surviving loved ones obtain financial assistance to address such difficulties.

Source: U.S. News & World Report., “Man Is 2nd Death at Georgia Industrial Facility in 7 Months“, March 22, 2018

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