Stair collapse causes man to suffer work-related injury

Every job has its hazards. In many cases, individuals understand the risks they face, and in other instances, a sudden accident could leave workers feeling shocked. In addition to surprise, an individual may also feel pain if he or she suffers a work-related injury in the incident. Unfortunately, these types of events are not uncommon.

North Carolina residents may be interested in one out-of-state man who was recently injured on the job. Reports stated that while performing duties relating to extermination, the man was hurt due to a stairwell collapse. The extermination was taking place at a building being renovated, and reports stated that the man was near the stairwell when the incident occurred. It was unclear what may have caused the collapse to take place.

It was reported that he suffered an injury to his leg in the incident. The report also did not detail whether the man may have fallen as a result of the collapse or if other factors contributed to his injuries.  Exact details on his condition were not known at the time of the report. It did not appear that any other workers were involved in the incident.

In the blink of an eye a worker could suffer a serious work-related injury. Many North Carolina workers may know this to be true due to witnessing events or suffering themselves. When workers are hurt, they may also have to contend with the financial difficulties of medical bills and income losses due to the outcomes of the accident. Fortunately, workers’ compensation can often help qualifying parties obtain financial assistance after such events.

Source:, “Worker injured in staircase collapse“, April 3, 2018

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