A construction accident typically leaves workers needing info

In the event that a work-related accident takes place, there are many steps that need taking in order to ensure that the incident is handled properly. In particular, determining whether any injuries have occurred should be a top priority. A construction accident of any kind can easily cause injuries, and workers may find themselves in a difficult position.

Because many heavy materials and dangerous pieces of equipment are used during construction projects, it is not unusual for these items to be involved in injury-causing accidents. North Carolina residents may be interested in an accident that led to injuries in another state. Reports indicated that a crew of workers were trying to remove the ceiling of an awning when the awning collapsed.

The incident resulted in a worker being hit by the falling ceiling, and he apparently became trapped in the debris. Medical personnel were brought to the scene, and they removed the worker from the debris before transporting the individual to an area medical center. It was noted that the worker was injured, but the injuries were not considered life-threatening.

When a serious construction accident takes place, injured workers may need a variety of information. They will certainly need to know how serious their injuries are and what type of treatment they may need, but they may also need information on how to apply for workers’ compensation. Because work-related injuries can have tremendous financial implications, many North Carolina workers rely on workers’ comp. The process to obtain these benefits can be complex, and concerned parties may wish to seek help from knowledgeable attorneys.

Source: fox19.com, “Construction worker injured in awning collapse“, Melissa Neeley, May 18, 2018

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