Workers’ comp could provide benefits after workplace injuries

When a person learns that he or she needs time away from work, it can cause some mixed emotions. If the time off is not voluntary, workers may begin to worry about how they will keep up with their bills and provide for their families. Unfortunately, when North Carolina workers suffer workplace injuries, it is not uncommon for those individuals to need time away from work in order to recover.

Though they may know that recovery is important, they may still have concerns over possible lost wages and medical bills, but fortunately, workers’ compensation may be able to help. One out-of-state worker may be hoping to obtain such financial assistance after suffering injuries at work. It was unclear what type of injuries the man may have suffered, but reports stated that he was hit by a steel plate.

The man works for machinery and equipment manufacturer Caterpillar, and he was welding steel plates together at the time of the incident. It was not reported whether emergency crews responded to the scene or if he was otherwise taken for medical attention. The incident was under investigation at the time of the report.

Workplace injuries can have many repercussions, and having financial concerns is not uncommon. North Carolina workers who are injured on the job may want to look into filing a workers’ compensation claim as soon as possible after the incident. Though these benefits can be immensely useful, individuals must qualify to obtain them, and the process is not always easy. Fortunately, interested individuals could obtain professional legal assistance.

Source:, “OSHA investigates: Caterpillar worker injured after being struck by steel plate“, May 10, 2018

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