Workplace injuries of any kind can have negative impacts

Most North Carolina residents rely on their income to meet the daily needs of themselves and their families. Because of this importance, individuals often want to avoid anything that could put their income in jeopardy. Unfortunately, not all situations can be avoided, and workers involved in on-the-job accidents could suffer workplace injuries that leave them facing many monetary uncertainties.

It was recently reported that a woman in another state suffered injuries while on the job. She apparently works at a recycling facility, and while she was carrying out duties on a ladder, a vehicle hit the ladder. As a result, she fell approximately 10 feet, which caused her to strike her head. It was unclear what exactly the woman was doing on the ladder, and it was also not disclosed what may have caused the car to hit the ladder.

The woman was taken from the scene by a medical helicopter to a trauma center. The exact extent of her injuries and her overall condition was unknown at the time of the report. An investigation into the incident will likely take place, and more facts may be disclosed later.

Workplace injuries of any kind could have detrimental effects on a person’s abilities to carry out their job-related duties as well as daily functions. In addition to these issues, it is common for monetary struggles to result from work-related accidents. Fortunately, workers’ compensation can often help with the financial difficulties. Of course, North Carolina residents may facing challenges when applying for these benefits, and due to these issues, it may prove wise to consult with legal professionals.

Source:, “Worker seriously injured at recycling facility near Mayville“, Bill Novak, May 1, 2018

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