Families may receive workers’ compensation after fatal accidents

Most jobs present some sort of hazards that could negatively affect North Carolina workers. While some of those risks may be considered mild, other individuals may work in conditions that could prove deadly in the event of a serious accident. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for employees to suffer fatal injuries while on the job and for surviving family members to need workers’ compensation benefits.

The family of one man in another state may soon be looking to determine whether they may qualify for such benefits. Reports indicated that the man worked at a sand supplying company, and his duties apparently involved working with and around railroad cars. The man had detached a car from the train, and the car then began to roll.

The worker attempted to jump on the car in order to get out of the way, but he fell and was run over. His injuries were initially considered critical, and he was transported by air to the hospital. Unfortunately, those injures later proved fatal. The man was reported as being 46 years old at the time of the incident. No other injuries or parties involved in the accident were mentioned in the report.

The death of a worker in any field is always a tragedy. If North Carolina families have lost loved ones due to work-related accidents, they may face a number of difficulties ahead of them. In particular, they may struggle financially due to the loss of income. However, if they qualify, surviving families may be able to obtain financial benefits through workers’ compensation.

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